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A geek with a law degree


Licensed in California and Missouri, Willie practices Family Law in Southern California at Holstrom, Block & Parke, APLC. He is rated a perfect 10.0 by


How do you grow your practice? Better yet, how do you do it without a $50,000 budget? There is no single secret or one-size-fits-all solution, but there are low-cost strategies for the adventurous.


After penning articles for a number of law-related outlets, including FindLaw, Clio, California Lawyer, and more, Willie has turned his attention to his first of many planned books: a DIY manual on low-cost legal marketing.


Raised geek and trained lawyer, it’s only natural that Willie would keep one eye on each. Stick around if you are interested in tech that makes law easier, better, or simply cheaper.


What does he know and how did he learn all of this crap?
Combine a geek's curiosity with the skepticism of a Missouri lawyer.

Jack of all trades, master of some. That might be a fair description of my skill set, which includes traditional legal training, some experience running my own shop and working in other small firms, and presently, running the marketing operations for a fifteen-person law firm. There's no just thing as an SEO degree or a diploma in content marketing (or at least there wasn't in 2008), so most of what he knows, he learned on the job or through books and blogs (the best way to keep up with the rapidly evolving art of gaming Google (SEO)).

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (making content better for visitors and Google)


    Content drives modern marketing: visitors crave quality content and Google rewards sites that satisfy those cravings.

  • PPC and other paid ads

    A relative rookie, 2016 is the year where Willie gets his feet wet in the uber-expensive arena of legal PPC/SEM.


    Though Avvo rates him a perfect 10.0, At five years into his career, there's plenty of room to grow.

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