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Willie Peacock: Lawyer, Marketing and Legal Technology Consultant

william willie peacock is a lawyer, marketing consultant, and legal technology geek

Would this face lie?

Willie Peacock had few friends growing up, except an Intel 486 processor and Windows 3.1. Two decades later, he’s a lawyer, a tech-geek, and recovering legal, marketing, and technology blogger. When he’s not practicing family law in Southern California, you might find him on here, dispensing free legal marketing advice and producing DIY guides.

Why? Because he loves technology and the law. And because he is sick of snake oil salesmen trying to peddle SEO services to him and his ilk. If you can handle Facebook and Twitter, you can probably run your own online marketing campaign. And if you can’t, your paralegal/intern/clerk/staff certainly can.

How? It starts with the free, open source WordPress platform, which is as easy to use as Facebook, once you get it set up. Add a few plugins that nag you into using best practices for Google-friendliness, a lot of well-written and authentic content, and you’ll have something better than what 99% of “web design” and “lawyer marketing” companies are peddling.

Beyond that? Stay tuned, because we’ll talk social and professional social media, third-party review sites, and answer all of those “does this shit really work?” questions that nag every small firm owner.

And fair warning: expect the occasional off-topic blog post on sports, guns, or the occasional politically divisive topic. Because why not? And because it’s my blog.

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